Step by Step: A Great way of Painting your own Mural without Knowing how to Draw

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Tonight I am learning that when you leave the clothes on with the guy you’re chatting up on skype for years, that you can learn 1MILLION times more about him than you can without!




does anybody have a download link for a 6’2 boy with dark hair and light eyes who likes the same music as me


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I want someone to help me colour outside the lines. You know, teach me to colour cuz there is lots I still need to learn. Mmmm… come colour with me.

irishwolfling said: good for you Gabe =)

Thanks luv! ;)


i think i finalized my idea for the parsons challenge part of the application!!!! it’s a photo series about gender inequality and slut-shaming and such

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Went to a club in the city right beside where I live and literally saw people from different times in my life. Elementary school classmate, college classmate, former co-workers… my gah. I was with one of my best friends enjoying the shitty music but having fun no matter what.